SEO is the key(word) to optimizing your brand on the web

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Search Engine Optimization is more than finding your website on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo search results. We help you create a comprehensive brand marketing strategy that incorporates the best keywords and key phrases to optimize your web efforts.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

The first step in our ‘ORGANIC’ Seo Strategy is the foundation of any successful digital marketing campaing. A Thorough keyword analysis will help us determine which keyword phrase/s will bring the best results for you. With the proper keywords in place. you can expect to move up Quicker in the rankings and Most Importantly Enjoy a High Conversion rate.

Our keyword strategy is broken down into 2 different types of keywords. “Root” and “Supportive”. The “Root” phrase would be the main keyword that you would like to rank for. These are the keywords that are often the most popular and tend to be more competitive in terms of ranking, ie: “Mortgage Rates”. These keywords will contain the full root keyword as well as additional words, ie: “HARP refinance mortgage rate”. The “Supportive” phrase would be a long tail version of the “Root” phrase. People searching the longer tailed versions tend to be further along in the buying process. They are narrowing down by being more specific and are closer to buying or taking action.

We know and understand that each website is like a “snowflake” or “fingerprint” which requires a unique and customized linking approach. Our team of link builders will hand craft a strategy that is designed specifically for your site. All of our links are SEO friendly and largely “content based”. ie; (Mobile Ads, article content links, blog content links, social bookmark content links, etc.).

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