Website Support Services

Complete solution for reliable and responsive website maintenance

Add professional Website Maintenance and Security support to your team

A malfunctioning, outdated website frustrates users and prevents you from capturing website visitors as leads. Just like any other software, without regular maintenance, your website may run slowly, behave unpredictably, or even become a security risk.

Keep your website running smoothly with our support squad taking care of regular updates, security, and backups. Your website visitors will get an optimal user experience, and you’ll get top-notch site security and unlimited troubleshooting tasks.

Your website should have the support it deserves.

Our support squad works as a seamless extension of your team.

Our monthly maintenance plans smooth out any hiccups in your online presence through our proactive approach to updates, backups, and security. Choose which custom support package matches the level you need, from basic support options all the way to a suite of advanced coding and marketing services. View backups and ongoing tasks on our maintenance dashboard, and submit support requests to our team for fast troubleshooting.


Stay up-to-date with timely website audits and recommendations

Our monthly website care packages bundle site maintenance and dedicated support. We take care of software monitoring, backups, security updates, performance optimizations, and more. With proactive maintenance, you provide the optimal user experience and protect your investment in your website.


Schedule strategic website updates to stay ahead of the curve

Your website is a business tool that needs to evolve to stay ahead of the competition. Our quarterly review examines your Google Analytics conversion rates, user flows, and marketing activity. We create a comprehensive report detailing ways to improve your site, and you can book development times to implement growth-driving changes.


Track your website performance

Before starting a support plan, you will receive a full website audit report to identify any issues within the structure or code that require resolution in advance. We check the status of your core website, modules and plugins, every single link, and your overall SEO health. After the resolution of identified issues, AGD Tech will prepare monthly reports with full transparency into updates, uptime, backups, traffic, security, and performance.


Receive unlimited bug fixes

When it comes to our Small Business Support package, unlimited bug fixing is remedying errors that occur after updates. So for example if we update your contact form plugin and suddenly there is a problem with the user’s ability to send a form. We will fix this issue ASAP because chances are the error occurred after the update. Moreover, if we update your WordPress core & suddenly visual aspects of your theme fall apart. We will also fix that as it’s most likely due to the update.

Support Plans

Start Up

If you only need the basics
$ 99 Monthly
  • Update and support WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes
  • Serve as on-call support to answer questions related to maintaining and supporting the website

Small Business

Companies that need a little more
$ 299 Monthly
  • Update and support WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes​
  • 20% discount on our hourly rate
  • 2 additional hours to be used for support tasks listed below
  • Consultation, guidance, and training on the use of the website and Content Management System
  • Remedy website performance or any hosting issues (errors, bugs that affect your website, broken links, broken forms, spamming, slow load time)
  • Recover a website that has been hacked or is hosting malware, and secure it
  • Security scans and malware cleanup
  • Monthly Reporting on security issues, traffic monitoring, and website performance


When you need a custom package
Contact Us
  • Agencies and larger companies need for us to customize a package to fit their needs or their clients needs for us to be an extention of their team. Contact us so that we can provide the support you need.

Submit your Support request to or call us at 404.698.1380. You will receive a confirmation response from our Support team and your request will be handled within the proper timeframe.

Urgent requests (website down, or anything that needs fixing immediately) are handled within 24 hours. Routine Requests are handled within 1 – 4 business days.

No. This is a Month-to-Month subscription. This subscription will renew on the first of each month until you cancel.

You will be notified if your request takes longer than 30 minutes to complete. In some cases, we can break the request up into smaller tasks and complete those tasks over several days. If this does not work, we will provide an estimate and allow you to purchase more hours for this request. 

Just email us at before the next billing cycle and let us know you would like to cancel. 

Each plan covers one website. If you need support for multiple sites contact us to discuss a custom plan for you. 

Yes. Many companies do not offer phone support to keep their costs down. We believe being available for our customers by phone is a valuable asset to your team. We only ask that you schedule an appointment with us if you would like to discuss anything via our online calendar. 

Not sure which support plan is right for you?

Contact us today and let us help take the essential support, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks off your plate.