6 Important Things You Should Consider On Your New Or Existing Website

Tracking You will want to know how your website is performing. One way to do this is to add a tracking code to your site. This will give you some invaluable information. It will let you know how many visitors you have, how long they are interacting with your website, which pages are most popular,

What To Discuss With The New Website Company You Have Chosen To Hire

What is their process? I good website developer should be able to articulate their process and timeline for accomplishing your project. As the client, you should know your timelines for each clearly defined milestone and how they plan to work with you over the next several weeks to complete your project. Depending on your project’s

What to do to prepare for a new website design

Purchase your domain name Now is the time to go ahead and secure your domain name. Securing your domain name is like getting a cell phone number or an address. This is how people will find you on the internet. Your domain name is your internet address. Fortunately, this is very easy to do. There